Creative Skills & Mediaphilosophy

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Creative Skills & Mediaphilosophy.
How can we face the anti-democratic tendencies in the digital media society?

with Wolfgang Renner (Wiener Zeitung)*

In spring 2019 the London School of Economics has published a report that diagnosed an immediate and serious threat to quality journalism and, as a result, to the values of a functioning democracy.
Loss of confidence, power obsession and apathy are just three key words from the report. What new paths can be taken in the all-penetrating media society?
Can there be hope in ‘creative skills’ or the ‘media philosophy’? In this open space session, various implemented projects are shown, scenarios are described and will be discussed openly.

*Wolfgang Renner Dr. h.c., MSc., Acad. M&S (WU Vienna) is Head of Wiener Zeitung Academy. ‚Wiener Zeitung‘ is the oldest still existing newspaper of the world. Established in August 1703.

Time: Wednesday, August 7, 2019, 17:45
Location: Room B