At present, the ALWS has 210 members. They come from Europe and the United States as well as from many other countries.

Annual membership fees (due each January):

  • Membership fee: EUR 21,–
  • Reduced fee: EUR 10,50 for students, for persons from developing-countries, and for persons from Eastern-Europe
  • Patrons: EUR 35,– (minimum)

As a rule, ALWS members pay 30% less; in particular, the conference fee for ALWS members is only 70% of that for non-members; ALWS members may purchase books in the series “Publications of the ALWS” (new series included) at a 30% reduced rate. ALWS members may also purchase books in the series “Contributions of the ALWS” at a 30% reduced rate from the ALWS office.
Application forms are available from the ALWS office or can be downloaded from the following link: Application for membership for the ALWS . Your application will be considered by the board members of the ALWS in their session during the next symposium’s week.