By 2023 the ALWS – a truly global society – will consist of 219 members.

Annual membership fees (due each January):

As a rule, ALWS members pay 30% less; in particular, the conference fee for ALWS members is only 70% of that for non-members; ALWS members may purchase books in the series “Publications of the ALWS” (new series included) at a 30% reduced rate. ALWS members may also purchase books in the series “Contributions of the ALWS” at a 30% reduced rate from the ALWS office.
Application forms are available from the ALWS office or can be downloaded from our DOWNLOADS section on this website. Your application will be considered by the board members of the ALWS in their session during the next symposium’s week.

The statutes of the ALWS (in German) can be downloaded here: Satzungen_2005