45th International Wittgenstein Symposium 2024

Kirchberg am Wechsel, Austria, August 11–17, 2024

Facets of Reality — Contemporary Debates

What’s real? What is the totality of reality like? And what does it mean to be real?

Though discussions of these questions have been ubiquitous throughout the history of philosophy, over the past two decades, questions about reality have been discussed with new enthusiasm. This conference brings together different contemporary philosophical debates about reality, addressing foundational issues just as well as applied ones

Scientific Organizers

Asya Passinsky (Vienna), Julio De Rizzo (Vienna) & Benjamin Schnieder (Vienna)



  1. Reality and Cognate Notions – Appearance, Existence, Essence, Reality
  2. The Structure of Reality – Dependence, Grounding, Fundamentality
  3. Acting on Reality – Agency, Freedom, Norms
  4. Social Reality – Gender, Race, Social Construction
  5. New Realities – Fictional, Virtual, Digital
  6. Wittgenstein

Invited Speakers

Ásta (Durham)
Rami Ali (Tucson)
Singa Behrens (Bielefeld)
Karen Bennett (New Brunswick)
Sarah Bernstein (Notre Dame)
Paul Boghossian (New York)
Niels de Haan (Vienna)
Esa Díaz-León (Barcelona)
Matt Dougherty (Vienna)
Matti Eklund (Uppsala)
Brian Epstein (Medford)
Maegan Fairchild (Michigan)
Katharina Felka (Graz)
Martin Glazier (Geneva)
Verónica Gómez Sánchez (Berkeley)
Yannic Kappes (Vienna)
Eve Kitsik (Vienna)
Jon Litland (Austin)
Antonella Mallozzi (Providence)
Alyssa Ney (Davis)
Daniel Nolan (Notre Dame)
Kevin Richardson (Durham)
Sonia Roca-Royes (Stirling)
Gideon Rosen (Princeton)
Carolina Sartorio (New Brunswick)
Jonathan Schaffer (New Brunswick)
Erica Shumener (Syracuse)
Olla Solomyak (Jerusalem)
Amie Thomasson (Hanover)
Anand Vaidya (San Jose)
Barbara Vetter (Berlin)
Lisa Vogt (Berlin and Lucerne)
Michael Wallner (Graz and Klagenfurt)
Nathan Wildman (Tilburg)
Timothy Williamson (Oxford)
Charlotte Witt (Durham)

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