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International Wittgenstein Symposium – Conference Center: View on Google Maps

Conference Center: Elementary school Kirchberg, Markt 300, 2880 Kirchberg am Wechsel

Registration at the Conference Center

In Kirchberg, please go directly to the conference center where the conference office is located. The conference office will be open from 9.00 to 18.00 h on Saturday, 3 August 2019, and from 9.00 to 22:30 h on Sunday, 4 August 2019. You will receive an information folder and the address of your accommodation there.

Shuttle Service and Accommodation

A free shuttle service will be available throughout the week for those accommodated outside Kirchberg. (Due to the increase in attendance, the symposium has outgrown the small town.) Please note that hotels and guest-houses are cheap and clean, but simple. The average room has neither radio nor TV, and you should bring your own cosmetics, including soap and shampoo.

Travel to Kirchberg am Wechsel by train

(1) When you have arrived in Vienna, take a bus or taxi to “Wien Hauptbahnhof” (Vienna Main Trainstation) and

(2) Take a train to Gloggnitz, a town about 70 kilometers (45 miles) south of Vienna. Trains in the direction of Gloggnitz depart almost every hour, but you may have to change trains at Wiener Neustadt.

(3) From Gloggnitz, you can reach Kirchberg, which is 13 kilometers (8 miles) distant, by bus (40 minutes) or taxi (15 minutes). We suggest that you take a taxi from Gloggnitz to Kirchberg. You might like to share a taxi with other participants, to cut costs. On Sunday 4th of August 2019, the official arrival day, a member of the Wittgenstein Symposium Crew will be at Gloggnitz railway station between 12am and 6pm to help you with your luggage and answer your questions. During this time, the taxi ride will also be free.

Eating and Drinking

Although vegetarianism is less popular in Austria than in the UK or in the USA, some restaurants offer vegetarian food during the symposium week. If the menu has no special vegetarian section, consult the hors d’oeuvres or the desserts section. The Vorspeisen (hors d’oeuvres) section should contain salads, and the Nachspeisen (desserts) usually include Palatschinken (pancakes filled with jams, cream cheese or ice cream) or Kaiserschmarrn (sweet pancakes cut up and served with stewed fruit). August is a good month for mushrooms, and the Eierschwammerl (chanterelles) are a special treat.

In Austria, the most popular drinks are beer, wine and Most (Austrian cider), made from apples and pears. Most, at its best, is both tastier and healthier than the average wine, but there are variations in production, so start with a small glass, to try it.

There is ample choice of non-alcoholic lemonades and fruit-juices. In hot weather, a refreshing gespritzter Apfelsaft (apple-juice mixed with soda) can be recommended.

It is customary to give a tip of 5 to 10 percent of the bill, provided that you are satisfied with service, food and drink (if not, not!).


In a small town like Kirchberg, most people prefer cash to cheque or credit card. So please be prepared to pay your bills in cash, using Euro. There are two banks in Kirchberg, where you can change money (from Monday to Friday), if necessary. In addition, one of these banks, the Raiffeisenkasse at Markt 235, operates an Automatic Telling Machine, which accepts most of the internationally recognized credit cards.


Dress has always been casual in Wittgenstein Symposia. There are only three possible exceptions: opening ceremony; dinner for the symposium participants; concert. For these events more formal dress is suggested, but is of course not obligatory.


August is normally hot and dry, but there may be rainshowers and thunderstorms, and late evenings and early mornings can be very fresh.


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