International Ludwig Wittgenstein Institute (ILWI)


The International Ludwig Wittgenstein Institute (ILWI), founded in 2008 as part of the ALWS, is conceptualised as an interdisciplinary platform for scientific and cultural projects related to the tradition and succession of Wittgenstein’s philosophy. The institute’s programme includes regular workshops, summer schools, Wittgenstein lectures and the opportunity for long-term research in Kirchberg for academics and students. ILWI aims at establishing a permanent address for intensive work and exchange for philosophers and scientists all over the world.

The annual Ludwig Wittgenstein Summer School has been an outstanding experience not just for our participating students, but also for the professors who taught here:

“The Wittgenstein Summer School provides a unique kind of opportunity for students to work together with senior scholars to deepen their understanding of Wittgenstein. The atmosphere is one of intellectual cooperation. There is a remarkable and stimulating mix among the students, who represent countries from all over the world, and who have a variety of interests over and above their shared interest in Wittgenstein. The School is highly demanding and extremely rewarding for all participants.” Cora Diamond

“I co-taught two Kirchberg summer schools with Cora Diamond – one on Wittgenstein’s conception of philosophy (focusing on sections 89 to 133 of Philosophical Investigations) and one on the rule-following considerations (focusing on sections 185 to 242 of Philosophical Investigations). We had on both occasions a wonderfully diverse, passionate and engaged group of participants. It is a challenge to lead such a diverse group and strike the right balance between their differing philosophical needs and preferences.” James Conant

“The summer school is a joint enterprise in which everybody’s thinking is invigorated by everybody else’s – a unique blend of intense work and relaxation.” Lars Hertzberg

“The summer school is a wonderful and unique opportunity to immerse oneself into thinking about issues in Wittgenstein, and to think about them together rather than in solitude, constantly enriched by ideas from others.” Oskari Kuusela

From 2021 our annual Summer School will be under the patronage of Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt.

For further information please contact the director of the International Ludwig Wittgenstein Institute Volker Munz.

2016 at Cambrige - made possible by the cooperation with ILWI

2016 in Cambridge – made possible due to a cooperation with ILWI

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