Leinfellner Award

Elisabeth and Werner Leinfellner June 2009
Elisabeth and Werner Leinfellner June 2009

The “Werner & Elisabeth Leinfellner Award”, named after Elisabeth and Werner Leinfellner, the co-founders and long term proponents of the ALWS, is awarded annually to one or two gifted young philosophers based on their excellent submitted papers to the Wittgenstein Symposium. The nomination is selected by the scientific directors of the respective symposium advised by the leading officers of the ALWS.
The prize, accompanied by a registration waiver, is provided by a fund which is financed by the ALWS and the Raiffeisen Bank in Kirchberg/W.


Award Winners and their papers:

Wolfgang Freitag: Epistemic Variantism and the Factivity Problem
Matthew Lee: The Role of the Uniqueness Thesis in the Epistemology of Disagreement

Maija Aalto-Heinilä: The Idea of a Contract
Edmund Dain: Ethical Eliminativism and the Sense of Wittgenstein’s Tractatus

Inés Crespo: On Certainty and Subjectivity in Taste
Boleslaw Czarnecki: Self-Governed Agents. A Rylean Approach

Jo-Jo Koo: Describing the Immanent Hidden and the Worldliness of the World: A Convergence in Later Wittgenstein’s and Early Heidegger’s Conceptions of the Aim and Method of Philosophy?
Nicole Hauser: Seeing Emotion: An Application of Wittgenstein’s Transitive/Intransitive Distinction

Mélissa Fox-Muraton: Kierkegaard on Language and Meaning: A Brief Contribution to Kierkegaard-Wittgenstein Scholarship
Katharina Anna Sodoma: „Was ist denn dann die Aufgabe der Philosophie?!!?“ – Zwei Begriffe der Analyse und ihre Bedeutung für Wittgensteins Tractatus

Tea Jankovic: Wittgenstein and Dostoevsky on Aesthetics and the ‘Inner’ Life

Charlotte Gauvry: How to make Sense of the Inner Perception and Observation According to Wittgenstein’s Philosophy of Psychology?
Guido Melchior: Knowledge and Representations: Explaining the Skeptical Puzzle

Maria Hämeen-Anttila: Gödel’s Early Impressions of Intuitionism
Anderson Nakano: Wittgenstein and Griss on Negation and Falsity in Mathematics

Stefanie Dach: Wittgenstein’s Reasonable Man and Interactionist Approaches to Reason

Cloris C. Gao: Socrates’ Dream, Logos and Elements in Theaetetus
Jack Manzi: On Wittgenstein and Socrates’ Use of Maieutic Devices


Obituary of Elisabeth und Werner Leinfellner (in German):