39th International Wittgenstein Symposium 2016

Aesthetics Today: Contemporary Approaches to the Aesthetics of Nature and of Art


Thanks to all the participants of the 39th International Wittgenstein Symposium and of the 8th Wittgenstein Summerschool (sadly due to the enormous interest we had to turn away many), both events were great successes. On this page, you can find several documents related to the Symposium and/or to the Summerschool. If not made explicit otherwise, all documents and pictures are copyrighted by the Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society.


Kirchberg am Wechsel, 7th-13th of August 2016

Scientific Organizers

Stefan Majetschak (Kassel)
Anja Weiberg (Vienna)


1. Wittgenstein
2. Aesthetics in a Globalised World
3. Analytical Theories of Art
4. Environmental Aesthetics, Aesthetics of Nature and Ecoaesthetics
5. Philosophy and History of Arts
6. Art and Ethics

Workshop (org. A. Pichler): Wittgenstein Source and the New Nachlass Facsimile

Invited Speakers

Madalina Diaconu, Vienna
James M. Fielding, Paris
Josef Früchtl, Amsterdam
Jianping Gao, Beijing
Martin Gessmann, Offenbach
Felix Gmür, Basel
Richard Heinrich, Vienna
Thomas Hilgers, Düsseldorf
Yi Jiang, Beijing
Peter Keicher, Vienna
Benjamin Kiel, Kassel
Petra Kolmer, Bonn
Angelika Krebs, Basel
Matthias Kross, Potsdam
Peter Lamarque, York
Jerrold Levinson, Maryland
Karlheinz Lüdeking, Berlin
Georg Mohr, Bremen
Ruth Ronen, Tel Aviv
Josef Rothhaupt, Munich
Simo Säätelä, Bergen
Beth Savickey, Winnipeg
Reinold Schmücker, Münster
Joachim Schulte, Zürich
Eva Schürmann, Magdeburg
Gabriele Tomasi, Padua
Jelena Toopeekoff, Berlin
Astrid Wagner, Berlin
David Wagner, Vienna
Violetta Waibel, Vienna
Zhuofei Wang, Kassel
Wolfgang Welsch, Jena
Tanja Wetzel, Kassel
Andrea Wilke, Bonn


Majetschak, Stefan / Weiberg, Anja
Aesthetics Today
2016 Aesthetics Today
Contemporary Approaches to the Aesthetics of Nature and of Arts. Proceedings of the 39th International Wittgenstein Symposium in Kirchberg


For photos of the symposium, please contact Sascha Windholz.