12. Ludwig Wittgenstein Summerschool

3. August  – 7. August 2021

Wittgenstein and Conceptual Complexity

mit Lars Hertzberg (Abo), & Oskari Kuusela (East Anglia)
Wissenschaftliche Leitung und Organisation: Volker A. Munz (Klagenfurt)
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This year’s Summer School will exceptionally take place at the
University of Klagenfurt. The dates remain the same (August 3-7, 2021).

The move to the University of Klagenfurt also involves some formal and organisational changes:

The registration form should still be filled out.

The summer school fees will be reduced to 60 €, including the opening informal gathering (August 3) and a closing lunch (August 7). All other costs (accommodation, food, etc.) will be the responsibility of the individual.

Below, we have provided a list of hotels, guesthouses, and a camping place nearby the university. You are free to choose which accomodation you prefer and should book individually (Please do refer to the contingent reserved by the ALWS / University of Klagenfurt.) Since the reservation deadlines for bookings a very strict now, you should immediately book after your acceptance to the summer school. (June 15 at the latest, since Klagenfurt is booked out during the summer).

Klagenfurt has its own airport, which should resume operations in June (other airports nearby are Graz and Ljubljana). The train distance between Klagenfurt and Vienna is about 4 hours, Graz – Klagenfurt about 2 hours. Ljubljana – Klagenfurt about 1.5 hours).

We will keep you updated about forthcoming Corona regulations.
If you have further questions, please contact our office manager Margret Kronaus (alws@aon.at).

Camping Klagenfurt

21 EURO per person/per night/without breakfast/ without car,
you have to bring your own tent


Hotels/Pension/Youth Hostel

Seepark Hotel 172,60 EURO

Single room*
double room for single occupancy*

Alpen Adria Stadthotel 48 EURO

Pension Wachau 55 EURO – 65 EURO


AllYouNeed Hotel Klagenfurt 66 EURO

Jugendgästehaus Klagenfurt 25 EURO (only 4 bedrooms)


* per night and per person with breakfast in EURO

PLEASE NOTE: these are only approximate prices and minor changes are possible!

Höchstteilnehmer*innenzahl: 40
Erweiterte Deadline für Anmeldung und Zahlung der Teilnehmer*innengebühr: 31. Mai 2021 (Später einlangende Bewerbungen können leider nicht berücksichtigt werden.)
Antwort auf Ihre Bewerbung erhalten Sie bis: 10. Juni 2021 (Bei Nicht-Akzeptanz der Bewerbung werden die Gebühren zur Gänze rückerstattet.)
Qualifikationen: Die Summer School richtet sich an fortgeschrittene Studierende der Philosophie. Unterrichtssprache ist Englisch.
Ein Basiswissen zur Philosophie Wittgensteins ist von Vorteil.
Bewerber*innen werden gebeten, der Bewerbung ein Sammelzeugnis und ein dreiseitiges Essay zum heurigen Thema: Wittgenstein and Conceptual Complexity (Literatur siehe unten) beizulegen.
Informationen hinsichtlich aktueller COVID-19 Bedingungen werden wir auf der Einstiegsseite unserer Homepage veröffentlichen.
Download-Link des Posters: Summer_school_A3_2021
Download-Link des Anmeldeformulars: Summer_school_2021_registration



Syllabus for the
12th Ludwig Wittgenstein Summer School 2021
Wittgenstein and Conceptual Complexity
Lars Hertzberg and Oskari Kuusela


Family-resemblance and some other complex concepts
PI §§65-88, AWL Pt. I §§31-33 (13pp.)

Expressive and descriptive uses, asymmetry in the use of psychological concepts, and secondary sense (or uses based and not based on criteria)
PI §§244, 256-265, 282, 291-293, 299, 303-308, 317, 340, 403-406, 576-589 PI II ix, PI II §§273-278; RPP I §§125-126; RPP II §§63, 148; LW I §§27-51, 72-79 (21pp.)

Meaning, understanding and experience
PI §43, §§527-535, PI II vi; LW I §§52-80 (10pp.)

Secondary readings:

R. W. Beardsmore, “Art and Family Resemblances”, Philosophical Investigations 18 (1995), pp. 199-215.
Kuusela, Oskari. “Wittgenstein and the Problem of Consciousness”, in: Stephen Leach and James Tartaglia eds., Consciousness and the Great Philosophers. London: Routledge, 2016. [Illustrates the philosophical importance of noticing the first-third person asymmetry of psychological concepts.]
Kuusela, Oskari. “Wittgenstein and the Unity of Good”, European Journal of Philosophy 2020, 28: 2, pp. 428-444. [Discusses family resemblance and other complex concepts.]
Lurie, Yuval. “Psychological Concepts”, in: Anat Matar, ed., Understanding Wittgenstein, Understanding Modernism. New York et al: Bloomsbury, 2017.
Waismann, Friedrich. “Verifiability”, in: Antony Flew, ed., Logic and Language, the First Series. Oxford: Blackwell, 1951.